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Hi, these are the questions that asks in the latter parts of communications, plus a few original ones from other people. I figured, since I took the time to answer all these questions, I might as well post my answers online so you'd be able to know a bit more about different areas of my personality and way of thinking. By the way, this page is not advertised or liked to from anywhere on the web, and it doesn't link anywhere outside either (except from the banner above). Therefore, if you're reading this, it is because I decided to share it with you; in return I ask that you not share it without asking me. I created this mini-web solely for the viewing of the people I choose to share it with. I haven't included navigation on any of these pages; to return to this page, simply hit the "back" button on your browser.



1. Besides love, what one trait have you noticed in couples that have maintained a successful relationship for many years?
2. Looking back on your life, of what are you most proud?
3. Describe some personal habits that are important to you.
4. Describe an interest you have that you would truly hope your partner could share with you.
5. What is the one dream for your life you most look forward to having come true?
6. In general, how many nights a week do you go out for entertainment? What sorts of things do you like to do when you go out on the town?
7. If you had three wishes, what would they be?
8. During a typical week, what sort of physical activities do you enjoy?
9. What is the most adventuresome thing you've done in the past year?
10. How big is your extended family? What are the holidays like for you and your family?
11. What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
12. How important is it to you that your partner fulfill traditional gender roles? Would you like a woman who will cook, shop and keep house? Would you like a man who maintains the cars, manages the finances, and is handy around the house?
13. What do you most like to do on a day off?
14. What is one thing you could start doing today that would most improve the quality of your life?
15. When do you feel most afraid?
16. If you could accomplish only one thing during the rest of your life, what would it be?
17. They say life is about simple pleasures, what is your simplest pleasure&and how does it make you feel?
18. What do you find physically attractive?
19. Describe your own personal style?
20. Tonight you can do anything you want, no penalties, no reprisals, and the cost is unimportant. What are you going to do?
21. How would you spend a romantic evening with someone you have been dating for more than one year?
22. Looking back at your life, describe one particular event that you wish you had handled differently?
23. What do you think are the three best traits you have to offer a partner?
24. Does life look good to you right now? Describe your current emotional health.
25. Tell me about your closest friend. How long have you known him/her; and what do you like best about him/her?
26. Describe your spirituality.
27. What are your general feelings about money and personal wealth?
28. Describe your parent's relationship with each other.
29. How would you describe your childhood relationship with your mother and/or father?
30. What are you looking for in a relationship partner?
31. Please tell me your testimony.
32. What is your ambition in life and what are you doing presently to achieve it?
33. Why not overweight?
34. Why did you choose the internet to meet someone?

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