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In general, human beings are defined by their needs and individuals by their wants. Your emotional wants are especially important when establishing with whom you are compatible. While answering the Relationship Questionnaire you established a pattern of basic, subconscious wants. This section of the report was produced by analyzing those patterns. Our wants change as we mature and obtain our life goals. You may find it valuable to revisit this section periodically to see how your wants have changed.

You may want:

  • Protection or insulation from aggression or confrontation.

  • Recognition for your concern for quality relationships.

  • Freedom from pressure to perform or to act quickly without precedent.

  • Others to adhere to your high standards.

  • Time to adjust to change.

  • Scheduled activities with no haphazard or unplanned activity.

  • Sound relationships which form naturally, and are not contriving or scheming.

  • Time and opportunity to weigh pros and cons of decisions.

  • Time to think things over before making a commitment.

  • Things done "right" the first time.

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